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WCPM Site Upgrades Make Searches Easier

Warner Chappell Production Music has taken ongoing client feedback and turned it into brand new features on Check out new updates that will make your searches easier and more efficient!

AIMS Selection Search – When doing a Similarity Search, users can now select specific portions of a Track for more accurate results. Click and drag the arrows to select an area of the waveform, then click Search Again to update your results!

Lyrics – Users may now click on the info button to the right of a track to display lyrics for Tracks that have them.

Faster Sharing - Quickly copy the “Share Link” from the share window with one intuitive click to share an Album, Playlist, Track or even link directly to a Submix. Simply click “Copy to Clipboard” for instant sharing.

Expanded Information – Warner Chappell Production Music has expanded the Track and Album information that is readily available via our search platform to include Composer and Publisher IPI, Album numbers on artwork hover (simply hover over an album artwork) and Track source code in Track results.

Search Tips – Click the Search Tips button under the Search Within dropdown (the gear icon in the search bar) for quick tips on honing your results.

Our last update to the site is outlined here.

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