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Color TV
This taut collection of suspense-filled score highlights fresh textures and efx against minimalist motifs that range from imminent danger to investigative curiosity to sullen aftermath. From the climactic to the easily loopable, these dark cues rely on piano, strings and guitars along side percussive hits and ominous pulses to spine-chilling effect.
These original holiday folk songs are inspired by Puerto Rico Christmas traditions that spell festive with a capital ‘F’. Expressed in familiar genres, such as Jibaro and Salsa, they are sung and played in a loose, celebratory style that easily conveys the joy and merriment of the season with lively piano, Latin percussion, cuatro, acoustic guitar, bright horns and authentic Puerto Rican male and female vocalists.
Perfect Pitch
Reserve your table in Bella Italia for a slice of Dolce Vita! Traditional Italian arrangements featuring nylon acoustic guitars, accordions, violins and mandolins bring to life that famous Italian wit and charm as well as love and heartbreak. Enjoy this classic trip from the Italian Alps over the picturesque cypress alleys of Tuscany, the busy docklands of Naples to the bustling streets of Palermo.
Massive Bass
The art of pizzicato: A unique playing technique that involves plucking the violin strings with the fingers. An extremely intimate sound emerges, radiating innocence, hope and wonder. Music for the smallest things on earth, or maybe the greatest. Performed with timeless elegance on acoustic instruments by Belgium violin virtuoso Luc Pisco.
This versatile cinematic collection features first class orchestral arrangements that exemplify the golden era of cinemascope and grand Hollywood moments with classic flair and style - be it the final battle, the last second save or the first flight into space. Sweeping themes and counterpoint motifs, roiling tympani, delicate piano and precision woodwinds bring this transportive world to your doorstep.
Bold and formidable, this hybrid trailer collection highlights massive orchestra fused with modern electronic pulses and atmospheres. Building, shifting dynamics derive from power drops, lively strings and dominating low brass themes while cinematic sound effects help capture classic Hollywood blockbuster bravado.
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