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A bright vitality exudes from this sizzling, upbeat collection of contemporary pop songs drawing from R&B, hip hop, club and electronica with catchy, uptempo tracks followed by heartfelt power ballads. Male and female refrains reflect feelings of optimism, empowerment, flirtatious confidence and walkin' the walk - featuring deep bass kicks, interweaving synths, keys, electric guitar and charismatic vocal arrangements.
These stadium-sized power ballads showcase the gritty, multi-octave vocals of Ziggy Sullivin who brings a knowing patina of experience and hard-won wisdom to these soulful songs. Backed with stomp-and-clap rhythms, bluesy guitars, piano, symphonic strings and power drums, this timeless collection soars with universal warmth and fellowship.
Non-Stop Producer Series
This modern film noir collection conveys intrigue, emotional danger, high stakes and a fatalistic sensibility as smoldering, moody intros expand into sweeping, larger-than-life orchestral themes. Betrayal, revenge, regret and untidy aftermaths are at home here as the drama escalates with lush strings, electronic pulses, low-end brass and slamming percussion.
Nostalgia at its finest, this collection of traditional ice cream truck covers ranges from classical to ragtime - all lovingly re-created with the vintage-sounding electronic chimes that have come to mean...ICE CREAM IS ON THE WAY! Each track features two sonic variations, one crisp and clear, the other extra vintage-y. Enjoy!
Ragnarok. Asgard. Valhalla. Unearthly atmospheres turn into black medieval Viking magic - calling the spirits, contacting the dead - in these ten thunderous trailer cues blending ancient instrumentation with hybrid orchestra, transportive, guttural chanting and aggressive tribal drumming. Flames leap. Resurrection begins. The spell is cast.
Non-Stop Producer Series
Brilliant brass fanfares shine confidently above slamming trap rhythms in this bold hip hop collection featuring gritty male and female raps that exude swagger and hutzpah. Intricate hi-hat patterns and soaring string arrangements meld with in-your-face kicks and wall-shaking sub bass to hit home the message.
Non-Stop Premiere
Inspired by various emotive works of fine art, this collection of live, original, neoclassical string quartet pieces ranges in mood from lilting frivolity to evocative expressions of yearning and melancholy. Modern yet timeless, these elegant tracks feature extremely nuanced musicianship with a flair for artful interpretation.
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