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VALO Artists
Traveling across Asia - including Russia, India, Korea and Japan - these authentic hip-hop tracks offer international flavors, bold, modern production with deep bass grooves and trap nuances. Expressed in their native languages, these cuts feature pop and hip-hop styles and charismatic vocals reflecting various regional perspectives.
VALO Artists
These five effervescent electro pop songs bubble with a youthful, polished angst compliments of slides’ velvety-smooth male falsetto that glides effortlessly atop trend-savvy, animated electronics. Ardent, intimate yet imminently danceable, this sleek, hook-laden collection captures first love and first loss with breezy sensuality.
VALO Artists
Rylan Fischer's intimate, indie EP brings raw vulnerability into sharp relief with five poignant, introspective acoustic songs that speak to today's uniquely achy brand of teen angst - just when innocence starts to curdle. Cello, Wurlitzer and piano add wistful touches to Fischer’s plaintive vocals.
Massive Bass
Filed under different names like Cimbalom or Santoor, the hammered dulcimer has its origins in the Near East more than 5000 years ago. Never Been There, a virtuoso acoustic ensemble founded in 1985, employs classical guitar, concert harp, upright bass and brushed drums to re-define this archaic sound into a future of great expansiveness and sublime calm.
Color TV
State of the art productions showcasing the masterful skills that create a diversity of emotional directions. This functional album provides 19 tracks with a variety of scenarios while using urban and electronic beats, synthesizers, sound design and sounds effects as a foundation and pairing them with guitars, piano or even mallet instruments. Expect minimal arrangements with maximum effect.
1st Producer Series
These anthemic, epic pop-rock stompers feature heroic blockbuster choruses, male vocals with passion and confidence and triumphant stabbing electric guitar riffs. Adding whooshes and explosive beats into the mix makes this collection an ideal companion for sports, high-impact action and trailers/promos.
This album, richly steeped in Russian lore, highlights 12 cues ranging from ballads and Russian romances to up-tempo folk dances, marches, classical ballet tunes and Russian tango and features authentic Russian instruments like the balalaika, domra, gusli, semistrunka along with Gregorian male vocals.
Naked Music
This offbeat, deceptively simple electronic charm-box of sparse, metronome-like tech beds includes many a whimsical surprise -- unexpected woodwinds and trombones, chimes, hand claps, off-kilter accents and all the primary colors of retro synths that somehow unite in a breezy, irresistible smile of a groove.
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