Meet Jesse Wright

The Northman Trailer & More with WCPM’s Jesse Wright

We sat down with Jesse Wright - the new Licensing Director, Trailers for WCPM - on the heels of the recent sync he orchestrated for Focus Features’ The Northman trailer. We discussed various projects, his love of the niche trailer/promo genre and his approach to delivering music options for our clients.

I try and source musical elements or individual sound design components that are unique from the mass of options available or that are constantly rehashed - so a balance of applicably structured music with added signature sounds that makes you ask yourself “what was that? I’ve never heard anything utilized like that before.

Recently we’ve worked on Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, The Bad Guys, Operation Fortune, Uncharted, The Book of Boba Fett, Moonlight, Nope and video games like Madden NFL ‘22, Apex Legends & Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Shortly before I began at WCPM the company placed a few tracks in the OLD trailer, which led to a MARK Award nomination (Best Use In A Movie Trailer) for Glory Oath & Blood’s “Kalseru Ascending”.

My favorite trailer/teaser recently has been MEN (A24). Specifically for the use of the signature vocal sound heard throughout the teaser. It draws you in right from the start and is extremely unsettling as well as distinct. The edit also gives a little insight into the story itself, which draws curiosity into the overall plot. Another favorite is the film trailer for Everything Everywhere All at Once, particularly because of the edit and cinematography on display, in addition to the special effects.

Definitely, from the cast to the storyline it seems undeniable. I am not always drawn to this genre but the trailer hooked me.



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