Wild Sanctuary Out Now

Wild Sanctuary + Elephant Sound Design = Biophonic Trailer Efx

Biophonic Sound Design Volume 1 is a formidably visceral trailer tools kit that marks the debut collaboration between effects gurus Elephant Sound Design and Wild Sanctuary founded by illustrious bio-acoustician, Dr. Bernie Krause.

Given unprecedented access to Dr. Krause’s large audiophile recording archive of endangered habitats, various species and insects compiled over the past 50+ years, the WCPM team transformed these masterfully captured sounds into an ominous, larger-than-life efx collection through innovative processing and the addition of select effects and textures.

You will hear the sounds of glaciers, swarming insects, tropical and jungle animals and threatened eco-systems amidst the super-charged hits, rises, swooshes, stutters, braams and eerie soundscapes—making this album a unique, hyper-real nod to the power of the natural world with results that range from evocative to gruesome and violent.


Keep an ear out for more to come from the Biophonic Sound Design series!

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