Introducing Soundport

WCPM welcomes Sweden-based Soundport – a new label from longtime WCPM contributor Hanjo Gäbler. Gäbler, an in-demand touring musician who has performed around the world and provided remixes for the likes of Alicia Keys and Celine Dion, brings together a network of Europe’s most in-demand musicians and composers from the professional touring circuit to bring authenticity and chops to this organic underscore collection. Clever arrangements add flexibility and freshness for editors with each album offering a wide selection within a thoughtful, coherent theme.

This unique and versatile collection of acoustic cues is a natural fit for research and investigation. Natural Investigative provides gentle momentum for research and anticipatory transitions and segues. Think internet sleuths and true crime.

Gäbler brought in Martin Olding, Ingo Hassenstein and Christoph Terbuyken to compose Camping - an uplifting collection of pop and folk underscore aimed at nature and travel productions for film and television.

Think Tank is a collection of tracks created for deep focus. These twelve intimate, cerebral tracks are brimming with inquisitiveness and mental gymnastics and feature light percussion, kalimba, guitar, piano and more.

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