Music For Car Stereo

Album: Tiny Orchestra 2

Music For Car Stereo
Title Music For Car Stereo
Filename MASSIVE1096_07_Music For Car Stereo_Full Mix
Description laconic reflecting pop-theme with steady drumbeat and a haunting melody. uplifting offbeat accordion. relaxed, positive but mourning with an open feeling. forward-thinking. made for car stereos and long journeys, G minor, 100 BPM
ComposerPhilip Stegers
PublisherWarner Chappell Production Music GmbH
ISRC DEOV11909607
Usage Advertising, DIY, Documentary, Food/Drink, Travel/Vacation
Era 2010s
Released November 30, 2019
Tempo Medium
BPM 100

Alternate versions

100 BPM03:22
underscore, no melody, G minor, 100 BPM
50 BPM03:21
alternate version, no accordion, no bass and drums, G minor, 50 BPM
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