Lonely Room Chanson

Album: Drama Tension Action

Lonely Room Chanson
Title Lonely Room Chanson
Filename INF002_24_Lonely Room Chanson_Full Mix Vocal
Description Introverted rock song with male vocal & light melody. TV series theme. Break @ 0'46 & 1'30. Lonely & remembering. Vox
ComposerFrédéric Rivière
PublisherWarner/Chappell Music France
Released December 31, 2010
Tempo Fast
BPM 130

All I remember
All I consider
It's all on the walls of my room
Here is my whole life
Nothing her ever dies
That's all who i am
That's my room

Here i've been nothing
Here i've been crying
It's one day heaven one day hell
That's where I stay alone
That's where I make my sounds
That's where I spend my time out from life

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