Tyrants and Kings

Album: Fallen Heroes

Tyrants and Kings
Title Tyrants and Kings
Filename GOB025_09_Tyrants and Kings_Full Mix
Description Heroic and exciting. Modern orchestral hybrid. Majestic and urgent. Anthemic brass lines radiate over layers of rhythmic strings, searing FX, deep percussion, and colossal choir. POI @ 0:30 First percussion roll. Strings rise to the front. POI @ 0:44 Choir and brass enter. POI @ 0:57 Deep boom reverberates out. POI @ 0:59 Searing riser build into massive downbeat. Driving string rhythms begin. POI @ 1:32 Anthemic brass melody begins. POI @ 1:45 Choir joins the brass. POI @ 2:01 Searing riser and percussion roll build to a massive impacting downbeat. POI @ 3:13 Final low boom and string sustains fade away.
ComposerDaniel Beijbom
PublisherBloody Glory Music Groove Addicts Outrageous Music Publishing
ISRC QM-2ZU-19-04312
Usage Action, Drama, Film Trailer, Video Games, War/Conflict
Released July 15, 2019
Tempo Medium
BPM 140

Alternate versions

140 BPM03:29
No choir.
140 BPM03:29
No orchestra.
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