Rise Of Humanity (Full Mix)

Album: Rise Of Humanity feat. Leah Makes Noise

Rise Of Humanity
Title Rise Of Humanity
Filename ER1297_02_Rise Of Humanity_Full Mix
Description Gentle house-style piano chords, electro drums. Sensational build of harmonious female vocals. The many shades of humanity. A bright future full of unity and love, 95 BPM
ComposerKoen Janssen (SABAM) 60% [00800988919]Leah Makes Noise (BMI) 40% [01130493099]
PublisherEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 100% [00822561060]
ISRC DEMS42204266
BPM 95

Open this soul of mine and find pages untold.
Through the Universe, across the skies,
Untangle threads of gold.

Step into
(step into a brand new world)
A new world
(hear them calling out to you)
Full of wonder
(from beyond where you can see)
Full of love
(all your lives, they're trying)
And rise up Humanity

Rise up, humanity

We will rise
(take me to a sea of fields)
Like the sun
(rolling winds and mossy hills)
We will shine
(I could never go back to how it was)
Like the stars
(from beyond the stars)
And rise up
(rise up)

Rise up Humanity
We will shine

Alternate versions

95 BPM03:10
Alternate mix, reduced vocals, 95 BPM
95 BPM03:10
Alternate mix, vocal soundtrack, 95 BPM
95 BPM03:10
Instrumental version, 95 BPM
95 BPM01:00
Short version, 60 seconds, 95 BPM
95 BPM00:30
Short version, 30 seconds, 95 BPM
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