Evolving Uncertainty

Album: Evolving Uncertainty

Evolving Uncertainty
Title Evolving Uncertainty
Filename CAR556_001_Evolving Uncertainty_Full Mix
Description Uneasy reflections about the future. Building cyclic patterns featuring church organ, woodwind, and analogue synths.
ComposerRoss Hughes
PublisherCPM Music Limited
Usage Documentary, Nature/Wildlife/The Elements
Era 2020s
Released October 1, 2021
Tempo Fast
BPM 148

Alternate versions

148 BPM03:07
Underscore mix. Cyclic woodwind and synth patterns which gradually builds with increasing rhythmic intensity.
148 BPM03:07
Underscore mix. Imposing and unsettled feel. Church organ and synths provide a determined an restless feel.
148 BPM01:00
60 second version. Building and driving cyclic patterns featuring church organ, woodwind and analogue synths.
148 BPM00:30
30 second version. Serious and determined cue with church organ, woodwinds and synths produces the restless drive.
148 BPM00:06
Sting version. Dark and deep outro cue featuring the woodwind and analogue synths.
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