Daytime Happiness Instrumental

Album: Vocalized Fun Tracks 2

Daytime Happiness Instrumental
Title Daytime Happiness Instrumental
Filename CPM4595_17_Daytime Happiness Instrumental_Instrumental Version
Description Instrumental Version of "Daytime Happiness Girl", featuring a cool groovy electric Guitar Solo. Trendy & stylish easy Daytime Pop. A catchy and easygoing Guitar track. Smooth, happy, ear-catching, tasty narrative Guitar Solo. A solid drum beat, grooving wah-wah guitars, keys, vocal fx and a moving electric bass add some Daytime Happiness and fresh energy to your production. Modern Lifestyle, Summer, Sunshine, Beach, Easy Living.
ComposerMungo Parc
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-19-00035
Usage Advertising, Travel/Vacation, Fashion/Makeover, DIY, Reality TV, Talk Show
Released February 7, 2019
Tempo Medium
BPM 115
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