CE Shady Sequence

Album: Suspense 2

CE Shady Sequence
Title CE Shady Sequence
Filename CTV1084_19_CE Shady Sequence_Full Mix
Description sharp shady synths crawling in, dramatic echoing beat establishing, taking us on the move after our suspect - 96 BPM, Full Mix
ComposerFlorian Leissle Ernest Ribka
PublisherEdition Bull Run
ISRC DEMS41800804
Usage Drama
Era 2010s
Released June 14, 2018
Tempo Medium
BPM 96

Alternate versions

more dynamic version - 96 BPM, Alternative Mix
excerpt, part 1 of the full mix, gloomy pad - 96 BPM, Alternative Mix
excerpt, part 2 of the full mix, anxious beat - 96 BPM, Alternative Mix
excerpt, part 3 of the full mix, percussion, eerie piano - 96 BPM, Alternative Mix
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