SPF 2021


120 BPM03:13
Inspiring, catchy and feel-good tropical indie pop. Summertime and happy mood with optimistic, youthful energy. Anthemic, bright and cheerful. 120BPM, F major.
125 BPM01:53
Energetic Afro beat that ignites the dance floor with dynamic synths edgy sfx, hard hitting African percussion and exhilarating brass, topped off with festive male vocals.
94 BPM02:18
This dance-worthy, mid tempo Pop/Rock track grinds out contagious fun with powerful drums, syncopated guitar riffs, and hyper-animated synths. Summer Time, Beach, Reality TV, Film, Advertising, Sports, Happy.
123 BPM02:09
Eighties influenced electronic indie pop in a dreamy and relaxed mood
114 BPM02:21
Percussive, pulsing synths build with vibrant beats into a bustling scene of ecstatic positivity and sun-soaked fun.
126 BPM02:23
Energetic and summery house track with an exciting vibe and a beautiful and catchy melody line.
125 BPM02:10
Uplifting summertime EDM with a catchy synth hook, driving piano, energetic party synths, bouncy electronic beat, rhythmic bass and motivational hey shouts.
125 BPM02:51
Complex rhythms, exciting production and vibrant musical colors that tell a unique story.
118 BPM03:24
Summer vibes, dance pop builds with cool electronic bass and synths into uplifting pumping drums and piano.
116 BPM02:16
A beautifully tropical and uplifting piece with fun synth sounds to soundtrack awesome times with nothing but positivity.
120 BPM02:14
A motivational building tropical house track with grooving rhythms and cheeky vocalized hooks. Great for the dancefloor and even better for bold, creative edits!
90 BPM01:52
Energetic rhythm guitars are joined by playful percussion in this positive pop rock theme made complete by driving drums and bass that welcome a sunny day.
114 BPM02:09
Cool indie synth pop with funky bassline, electronic drums, bubbling 80's style synths and uplifting rhythmic electric guitars.
100 BPM01:11
100 BPM01:11
A grooving indie electro beat combines with positive guitar melodies, rich synths and deep bass to build joy and triumph in this pop rock instrumental. Version - Full
101 BPM02:14
Go outside and feel that summer warmth. Infectious Latin pop with a catchy brass hook and male vocal chant.
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