Pulsing News Crisis


124 BPM02:08
Suspenseful and thrilling underscore builds with an intense and ominous energy.
113 BPM02:19
Mechanical synthesizer pulses, low piano effects and percolating percussion slowly evolve for a tense feeling combination.
90 BPM01:07
Evasive piano phrases and building strings join to create a puzzling tune over distressed drums and building action.
123 BPM01:56
Dynamic and mystifying score layers, creating a suspenseful and stealthy vibe.
160 BPM01:47
Harp is twisted into an effected ethereal wash and is joined by swelling electronic effects that morph and shape-shift over powerful percussion slams for a suspenseful, tense thrill.
160 BPM02:16
Dark throbbing sound design with ominous bass, drums & fx. Dramatic, urban & gritty. When machines go bad. Dark technology, intense & uncertain.
90 BPM02:18
Tense electronica mood with noisy synths and perc turning into cold investigation rocktronica. Suspenseful and strong.
130 BPM01:10
Fact from fiction; investigating conspiracy theories. A percussive opening leads into synthesizer theme from 0:17
125 BPM02:36
Bass synthesizer pulses and effected orchestral strings join driving percussion and weird filtering effects for mysterious action drama.
105 BPM01:55
Atmospheric - Percussive. Eastern influence with tense orchestral build. Full Mix.
140 BPM02:13
An urgent feeling mixture of ominous low piano, electronic pitched percussion, driving kick drum and powerful hits construct a hard-hitting, serious sounding promo full of critical, dramatic action.
135 BPM02:01
hard urgent popping drum beat, pumping 16th synth bass and echoing percussion force an energetic pulse - 135 BPM, Full Mix
106 BPM03:24
Dynamic and mysterious. The clock is ticking. What happens around us? 106 BPM. Full mix.
128 BPM01:58
Dynamic, driving, action, energetic, uplifting, moving, tension, contemporary urban filtered drum beat with bongo fills, pulsating bass line, echoing fx sounds, suspensed, minimal, texture, film, TV, documentary, report, journal, broadcast journalism, magazine, reportage, news, story, boulevard, reality-tv, promo, trailer, movie, drama, ads, new media, investigation, challenge, explore, discover, financial matters, economy, technology, internet, cyber, crime, computer game, progress, industry, science, business, affairs, politics, stock market, global, international, cosmopolitan, people, lifestyle, sports, culture, weather, channel, corporate, prestige, theme, bed, underscore
124 BPM02:11
Moving up-tempo light reality TV tension
128 BPM02:06
Pulsating and bold, featuring vibrant percussion and strings that create an adventurous, mysterious mood.
132 BPM02:07
Pulsating and flowing with suspense elements, featuring driving strings and beats that create a mysterious, brooding mood.
156 BPM02:04
Chilling and sinister sound design with pulses and movement, war and terror, haunting and scary.
122 BPM02:22
Electro beat, with synth bass & fx. Straight forward & scientific, investigative. Action & energy.
129 BPM02:59
Unnerving minimal intro, paced breakbeats with sound design, rapid tempo changes.
86 BPM02:02
Dark atmospheric strings & sound design with sparse pulse. Secretive & unsure.
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