Pulsing News Beds


120 BPM02:22
Contemporary and edgy drama with deep pulsing intrigue and suspense, sound design and reflective atmospheres with tension. Competitive and anxious moments.
121 BPM05:00
Pulsing piece with a solid low end, great for corporate purposes.
128 BPM01:06
Percolating synthesizers and percussion twist with morphing effects and ambient melodies for an aggressive feel with a techy side.
120 BPM01:15
Pulsing-Rhythmic-Tension - Pulsing Sequences with a news underscore. Version - Full Mix
140 BPM02:11
Radiant and pulsating with action elements, featuring bright strings and beats that create an exciting, anxious mood.
138 BPM02:03
Driving rock beat with edgy synths set the stage for the investigative report. Version - Full Mix
107 BPM01:45
Pulsing synth beat with dramatic strings & drums. Broadcasting to the nation. Version - Full
120 BPM01:10
Drama - Human Interest. Fast paced bed with sparse melody. Narration
125 BPM02:02
Emotive news, weather, upbeat, tension, wonder, dramatic, atmospheric, ambient, modern, contemporary, moving, important, latest, exciting, climate change, predictions, hopeful, bulletin
140 BPM02:12
Atmospheric - Corporate - News. Full Mix. BPM 140.
125 BPM02:43
Alert and fleeing moods on synths and strings
112 BPM02:28
112 BPM02:28
Synth lead drama and tension with percussion drive
88 BPM02:04
Atmospheric - Percussive. Restless, strange, and eerie but mysteriously enchanting. Submix.
120 BPM02:09
Modern rhythmic bed with a steady drum pulse, electronic percussion, sparse synth layers and futuristic swoosh effects. Perfect for facts, news, statistics, reports and serious journalism.
120 BPM02:35
A moving factual track with modern arpeggiated synth textures, sparse pizz stings, reversed piano chords and a steady pulse. A propelling, positive underscore for magazines, factual and consumer programs.
160 BPM02:35
A steady bass-line and rhythmic synth textures propel a driving track with an investigatory feel. Perfect factual motion for serious facts, investigative journalism and progress.
114 BPM02:33
Set your tv reportage in motion. Evolving rhythmic Kalimba arpeggios with varying layers of electric guitar harmonics, synth patterns, percussive electronics and futuristic elements.
100 BPM02:19
Solemn and engaging, featuring dark synthesizer, keyboards and beats that create an intriguing, apprehensive mood.
141 BPM02:02
Contemporary news, energetic, wake up!, pacey, excitement, dramatic, relevant, important, urgency, modern, flash, communique, bulletin
84 BPM02:14
narrative rhythm & danger mix, F minor, 84 BPM
138 BPM01:56
blood-freezer. fast pulse hitting the system. inducing pure energy. propelling. infiltrating. pushing reality, A minor, 138,00 BPM
84 BPM02:38
sparse, fragmented version, E-flat minor, 84 BPM
116 BPM02:08
Pulsating, mysterious, dubious, thoughtful, reflective, suspense, light tension, moving, time-flow, modern, urban, atmosphere, an ominous marimba sequence with reversed elements, a filtered sound-designed pulse with an evolving airy synth ambience and atmospheric futuristic electronic fx, minimal, texture, contemporary, underscore, soundtrack, film, TV, documentary, report, journal, broadcast journalism, magazine, reportage, serious, news, story, boulevard, reality-tv, promo, trailer, movie, drama, ads, new media, global, international, cosmopolitan, people, life, human, humanity, social, care, caring, true story, destiny, biography, reflection, touching, contemplative, pensive, reminiscing, culture, arts, investigation, explore, discover, discovery, expedition, internet, cyber, crime, mystery, twilight, suspect, suspicious, computer game, science, law, court, theme, bed
120 BPM02:30
Light tension movement with ticking motion and piano, sense of worry and impatient drama. Working against the clock and deadlines. Nervous and minimalist bed of competitive stress, pressure and game show anxiety
105 BPM03:03
Moving bubbling electronic bed with strings and drums
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