Pulsing Human Interest


80 BPM02:41
pointing the way ahead ... syncopated pulse pattern with focused but tranquil piano on top, nervously determined, clever in a silent, indicatory way ..., A minor, 80,00 BPM
120 BPM02:15
dub-system helpdesk phone loop. please hold the line. nobody will ever answer. light tinkling pulse & sliced bits of radio communication, sonically assembled and regrooved. bizarre rhythm collage with a stylish, retrofuturistic vibe, G minor, 120,00 BPM
134 BPM02:13
The synth in the beginning makes thing song very techy and scientific. The strings add some dramatic touches and emotional value. 134 BPM. Full mix.
94 BPM01:45
Intense news theme with driving strings & beat. Dramatic & important. Version - Full
130 BPM02:47
Reflective, slow and gentle marimba pattern with glistening glockenspiel and glassy ticking. Introspective factual tv, questioning documentary background bed with cyclical pulses. 130Bpm, D min.
150 BPM02:22
Rhythmic ticking with swelling strings & dramatic drums. Big & building! Version - Full
0 BPM02:43
Contemporary drama bed with medium ticking movement, tense piano and reversed electronic sounds. Human drama, suspense and crime investigation.
97 BPM02:33
Clockwork and ticking pattern with a neutral mood and medium paced. Flowing and building motion. Contemporary drama and a current affairs background bed.
134 BPM02:34
Uplifting and triumphant sounding, light piano and strings gradually build into a sobering but grand sound with sweeping strings, woodwinds and brass over percolating percussion.
125 BPM04:14
forward-thinking, cool, intense, futuristic. minimal piano chords, reflecting, slo-mo with a busy and shimmering backdrop, friendly reverses, windlike piano noises, marimba, D minor, 125 BPM
0 BPM02:19
Serious and introspective repetitive piano and string pattern with a concerned mood. Ideal for journalism, newsreel, political drama and factual investigation.
80 BPM01:54
Tense pizzicato with deep piano, strings & sound design. Analytical & expository. Political intrigue & manoeuvres. Hard hitting news & questions.
110 BPM02:22
Positive, driving, lively, bright, moving forward, steady motion, confident, exciting, optimistic, motivational, evolving rhythmic underscore with pulsating marimba, shaker & filtered drum groove, nice metallophone motif & treated acoustic hang drum in repetitive minimal patterns create a decisive motivating drive, circular, hybrid sound-design, contemporary, reports, journalism, facts, world news, factual programs, minimalist, minimalism, perpetual movement, precise, pulse, simple, organic, instruments, simplicity, bed, texture, underscore, soundtrack, film, TV, documentary, broadcast, magazine, reportage, story, boulevard, factual entertainment, people, celebrities, human concern, interest, social, education, promo, corporate, creative advertising, nature, travel, time lapse, new media, communication, innovation, progress, technology, science, research, industry, business, current affairs, global, international, cosmopolitan, busy, urban, culture, arts, design, style, architecture
96 BPM02:08
Warm pulsing synth with percussion & sound design. Busy & motivating. Version - Full
0 BPM02:47
Floating, ambient textures with an arpeggiating motion of cold, metallic piano keys. Drama background bed with an eerie and ominous mood.
95 BPM02:12
Cold, crisp sound design with strings. Slow growing intensity to a epic end. A developing story.
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