Orchestral Family Adventure


A quirky, mischievous orchestral piece with big interjections throughout. Transition builds beginning at :50 and ends with big drum rolls and hits. Version - Full Mix
Lush orchestra depicts a story of wonderment, light-hearted thrills and triumph. Soft melodies counter sharper, heavy orchestral movements resulting in a heartwarming climax with a victorious feel. Version - Full Mix
Uplifting and positive orchestra takes flight with bold brass, strings and woods for a heroic finale.
A jolly, bouncing string section skips under light woodwind melodies and percussion. Whimsical and charming string lines combine with majestic brass to create a thick orchestral adventure packed with curiously happy excitement. Version - Full Mix
Steady strings and bouncing woodwind lines give way to gorgeous brass and bell melodies. Full orchestra takes over and swells to create a beautiful ending. Version - Full Mix
Adventurous theme with accents of the Old West. Big introduction with a suspenseful and mysterious break down at :40 that builds back into the original theme by 1:18. Version - Full Mix
See what's inside this playful, whimsical sonic toy box filled with lively strings, cheerful brass, racing percussion/drums and magical bells. The adventure picks up @ 1:40 with full orchestra, soaring brass and powerful percussion. Get ready for a wild ride you won't forget! Adventure - Fantasy - Epic - Trailer, Film. 140 BPM. Full Mix.
gentle tremolo strings, harp and flute speak of birds twittering. bold brass indicates the day upon us with the orchestra leaping and smiling for this wonderful dawn working up to a grand finale, A-flat major, 115 BPM
Fun but dangerous orchestral adventure with a sense of urgency. POI @ 0:11 String and snare rhythms pulse under punchy brass. POI @ 0:38 Tight mini-ending. POI @ 0:43 Brass melody imparts a sense of fun and danger. POI @ 1:04 Rapid string rhythms build to series of peaks and flash stops. POI @ 1:20 Massive brass fanfares punch through tense strings and cascading harp flourishes. POI @ 1:36 Strings and harp build to a fun adventurous melody. POI @ 2:08 Massive orchestral push to a suspenseful ending.
Playful underscore becomes quirky clunky comedy and finally a triumphant EDM hybrid dance break. POI @ 0:23 Mood shift into playful and fun rhythms, led by low piano and winks of high strings. POI @ 1:13 Sudden change into tense brass build. POI @ 1:19 Comedic splashes of strings lead into a surprising low brass blast. POI @ 1:24 Whirring electronic riser leads into EDM-inspired orchestral dance break. POI @ 2:05 Surprise final sting.
Playful upbeat orchestral action. POI @ 0:12 Upbeat melody, led by brass. POI @ 0:34 Melody passes to strings, building to a high peak. POI @ 0:45 Series of raucous comedic builds. POI @ 0:50 Mischievous string rhythms and punchy brass pulse under flourishes of high strings, winds, and harp. POI @ 1:17 Tense build to a peak. POI @ 1:28 Comedic downward sting. POI @ 1:38 String runs push the texture to a stop-and go finish. POI @ 2:18 High strings and harp build to the final sting.
hollywood family adventure. an uplifting pulse of brass, woodwinds and strings emanating excitement and drama. rising choir, tinkles of bliss and intense pleasure. joyful. on top of the world, F major, 120 BPM
An out of control escapade with wild twists and turns. Fast-paced and daring orchestral adventure laced with outlandish macabre thrown in for good measure.
Drama - Orchestral. Sharp orchestral stabs segue into a magical, fantasy-adventure journey, complete with chimey celeste, playful harp and enchanting choir. POI @ :42 Daunting staccato strings enter and add an air of danger. The energy is fully realized with pounding orchestral percussion, syncopated strings and punchy brass hits that overpower your senses during the chase. 64/192 bpm. Epic.
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