love songs


111 BPM03:20
Bubbly and poppy with bright, dreamy synthesizer effects and building rhythm sections that lead into a energetic, soaring and romantic sounding chorus.
107 BPM02:09
Whimsical electronic pop builds with floating euphoria and gives way to energetic trap pop. With female vocals.
95 BPM02:49
Slick male rapping and classy refrains combine with grooving beats and flashy brass to elicit hip, positive vibes in this groovy contemporary R&B track. Version - Full
109 BPM02:24
Feeling the love. Summer pop with a hint of tropical house. An uplifting and confident feel which features an expressive female vocal lead.
134 BPM02:05
Jump to this fresh 'n' feel-good indie-rocker that combines both new & classic sounds for a undeniably infectious groove filled with love-struck "Love is the reason" vocals, lively keys, rockin' guitars, smooth synths and driving drums. Try not to smile - we dare you!
124 BPM02:46
Optimistic female vocals describe how love was destiny in this passionate indie pop tune, with piano, guitar, synths and drums supporting the romantic sentiments. Version - Full
121 BPM02:29
Love is sweet. EDM pop with hint of disco house. Glossy female vocal leads in this uplifting club vibe which has a deluxe and flowing feel.
58 BPM04:51
Sensual ballad in 6-8 time with seductive female vocals and a touch of soul and jazz. Intimate atmosphere. Retro style gives you the vibe of the 50s, 60s and 70s in a modern production. 58 BPM. Fullmix.
75 BPM03:19
Gentle guitars, simple drums and emotive melodies. Timeless, honest, raw.
132 BPM01:00
This Valentine just got their roses, chocalate and card ready and can't wait to deliver. A happy alt pop rock hit with finely crafted bubblegum melodies through megawat amps.
110 BPM02:23
Simple acoustic guitar and celeste leads into a big, driving chorus with chopping snare, banjo and guitar patterns stabbing through flowing organ and electric guitar flourishes.
70 BPM02:24
Cheery, upbeat indie pop with female vocal.
104 BPM03:25
Contemporary indie pop with lots of advertising usage potential. Lyrics about special relationship, significant other, rare find, being together
135 BPM02:03
Sexy and pacey indie electro. Confident bass guitar groove leads into a disco influenced beat with cool, afashionista female vox.
85 BPM03:11
Vibrant indie-pop featuring sensual guitars and dreamy male vocals. Happy-go-lucky beat, tambourine shakes, gritty electric guitar chorus. Heart bursting with love, new days and new beginnings, 85 BPM
119 BPM02:47
Wah Wah guitars take you to a mellow, driven saxaphone paved road, where claps introduce a string-filled high energy hip-hop drum beat with heavy bass, percussion, live brass and topped with sensual male vocals.
87 BPM03:26
Warm and delicate folk pop with a dreamy vibe featuring acoustic guitar and cello and male female duet
94 BPM02:48
Celebratory and inspiring acoustic pop featuring banjo creating an anthemic vibe from Cornish singer songwriter James Shead and his band.
76 BPM02:58
Delicate and dreamy acoustic pop with female vocals creating an intimate atmosphere from Paris-based composers and brothers Manuel and Dimitri Dedonder.
71 BPM03:14
Love at first sight. A mysterious yet heartfelt feeling overcomes you staring into the eyes of a stranger. Galaxies opening. A devoted indie-pop ballad that will carry you away, D minor, 71 BPM
98 BPM03:03
Folksy vocals, acoustic guitars, piano and hand claps create an open road vibe in this sunny, uplifting song with a catchy shuffle groove. Version - Full
88 BPM03:06
Warm female vocals radiate romantic joy in this upbeat indie pop tune featuring piano, organ, synths and drums. Version - Full
120 BPM03:12
This indie electro track with a hybrid organic and electronic arrangement features a poignant male vocal and a swaying electronic beat. Version - Full
77 BPM03:36
Romantic electric piano and voice emphasize sincerity and hope in this warm love ballad featuring laid-back drums and groovy bass. Version - Full
87 BPM02:58
Compassionate portrait; an uncomplicated yet powerful song about missing someone special. Male vocal with acoustic guitar and sparkly glockenspiel.
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