Heroic Orchestral Victory


Stirring superhero epic with a two section structure.
Slower, military front evolves into an epic sounding score. The B section is introduced at :58 then works back to the main theme with a triumphant ending. Version - Full Mix
Flourishing and lush orchestra delivers a heroic anthem with inspirational vigor and majestic enthusiasm. Subtle string lines and percussion create a romantic, victorious atmosphere then launch into a luxurious theme. Version - Full Mix
Swirling dark orchestra progresses into heroic orchestral action with big brass and percussion. The piece resolves with a large choir over the main theme. Version - Full Mix
see what happens when you face responsibility and the world becomes a better one. slowly rising orchestral textures, action strings cycling, brass layers build up to an agitating finale of extraordinary superhuman greatness @ 2'10, D minor, 110 BPM
Heroic and slow strings for a defining end
Shimmering strings, with eager violins, sound design & expansive drums. Cinematic woodwind @ 1:14. Dramatic landscapes & developing stories. Gripping & expansive.
Tense, Action, Nail-biting, Adventure - The perfect theme for a super hero. Bursting with pride and confidence.
Soft harp intro grows with confident orchestral strings and valiant brass to an epic showdown.
the beginning of a new era, heroic, mighty and powerful with a sense of melancholy. smooth legato in the beginning followed by building staccato string cascades, full climax @ 1'18 - 100 BPM, Full Mix
A hymn like sense of reverence and honor at the beginning. Choir, brass joins in and strings build triumphantly at 0:23, and finish with a sense of accomplishment. Promo - Orchestral Hybrid. Full Mix.
Epic orchestral underscore building into driving victorious theme. POI :27 Low hits and string swells begin. POI @ :48 Orchestra begins gradual dramatic climb. POI @ 1:25 Orchestra swells to dramatic suspension. POI @ 1:36 Epic percussion swells into glorious, courageous orchestral theme. POI @ 2:25 Rhythmic orchestral hits climb to thrilling suspension highlighted by sound design. POI @ 2:35 Riser into dramatic brass braams. POI @ 2:40 Final hit accented by an overwhelming, furious roar. Trailer - Orchestral - Theme. 70 BPM. Full mix.
orchestras booming brass and drums speak of leadership and enormous brilliance whilst strings rise and drop melodramatically, 80 BPM
At long last, the heroes emerge victorious. Majestic brass and choir melodies mix with searing FX, crushing percussion, and driving rhythmic strings and synths. POI @ 0:39 String rhythms cut against gritty synth pulses. POI @ 1:03 Percussion dramatically builds in intensity, reverberating out. POI @ 1:16 Anthemic brass melody begins. POI @ 1:47 Gritty synth pulses swell to a hard cut to silence. POI @ 1:57 High synth and choir sustains are punctuated by gritty synth pulses and crushing percussion. POI @ 2:13 Majestic melody in choir and brass grows in intensity. POI @ 2:33 Massive rhythmic end intercuts orchestra and synth pulses over searing FX. POI 2:53 High glassy swell build into final synthetic braam.
Noble and serious beginning layers and builds to huge epic finish.
Experience this breathtaking and magnificently dynamic orchestral piece slowly building to a crushing climax. Racing with piano, orchestra, brass, huge cinematic percussion and haunting choir! You'll feel the power and emotion of this stirring, epic masterpiece. Adventure - Fantasy - Epic - Trailer, Film. 52/104 BPM. Full Mix.
Serious, brave and expectant orchestra builds and builds. Epic. Version - Main Mix
From the depths of despair a new power arises. Opening with a haunting cello melody gradually building to an epic and heroic end theme with choir lead.
We take flight through middle earth on bombastic percussion and long flowing tones from the orchestra. The mood changes as we cover ground and goes dark when we hit the swamps. Things build as we find our way out to the big ending! Version - Full Mix
Weary from the long war, the general gives a rousing speech to build moral. The band of brothers become inspired and rally to battle. A delicate, reflective melody from a solo horn backed by soft tremolo strings starts the track. The epic build enters @ :29. The string builds with a faster arpeggio climb @ :41 into a break @ :48. Military marching snares comes in for the next section @ :50. POI @ :54, cool synth sweep. The rhythmic figure continues to build with the full orchestra all the way until a break @ 1:51. A giant crescendo introduces the next section @ 1:55. The brass takes over the next section with a soaring, victorious melody. The energy peaks @ 2:42. Film/TV - Epic, Score/Trailer. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
Driving strings grow into a rousing and uplifting orchestral piece with marching percussion and heroic brass.
large systematic clanging metals. majestic string cascades, a sense of greatness. synth swells, gritty dubstep pulses and spiralling falls. choir comes in @ 1'04 taking us to an epic climax, C minor, 150 BPM
bold fantasy adventure action cue with stirring brass & restless string ostinatos. rising. heroic choir introducing a spectacular widescreen feeling - E minor, 100 BPM, Full Mix
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