Handmade Holiday Cheer


95 BPM02:12
A fun & traditional folky version of God Rest Ye! Catchy & upbeat with accordion, fiddles, percussion, woodwind & brass. Prohibition Christmas!
110 BPM02:11
Quirky and fun upbeat skiffle guitar riff with double bass, shuffling drums and sleigh bells. The soundtrack to your sleigh ride.
100 BPM02:04
Simple acoustic guitars play Jingle Bells, accordion & percussion join at 0:38 seconds! Sweet & uplifting Christmas, joyful & folky.
92 BPM02:03
Earnest, Gentle, Enchanting, Jolly. A magical whistling melody of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" sparkles through a gleaming, enchanted, soft snowfall.
160 BPM02:11
Upbeat, boogie-woogie style piano and brass stabs, Hammond organ with chirpy Christmas chimes and sleigh bells. Fun, jazzy, nostalgic and retro. All-out seasonal cheer. 160BPM.
85 BPM01:29
Cheery, Happy, Carefree, Delightful. Over the river and through the woods to grandma's house for a holiday, family feast.
85 BPM01:54
Cheerful jazz trio piece consisting of piano, lightly brushed drums, and upright bass. Recollections of holiday gatherings and family get-togethers go hand-in-hand with this song. Version - Full Mix
140 BPM02:22
A two-beat,rhythmic brass band uniquely swings the traditional "Hark The Herald Angels Sing
70 BPM02:00
Sweet and happy Christmas conclusion with acoustic guitar, pizzicato and sleigh bells
112 BPM02:23
Watching the gentle snow fall. An easy-going jazz setting with loving flute lead with genial acoustic guitar solo 0:48
91 BPM01:03
Medium tempo happy sing-a-long reggae Caribbean flavour large group features brass rhythm sleigh bells 60Sec
100 BPM02:07
Glittering handbell performance with church choir. Handbell Carol. 100bpm. No Choir Mix.
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