Epic Orchestral Journeys


89 BPM02:04
Stirring and emotive orchestral strings and percussion with dramatic ending
168 BPM01:39
Drama - Orchestral. An arpeggiated string line sets an anthemic tone right from the get go. Majestic brass and soaring strings enter atop a deep orchestral percussion bed as the victory gets closer and closer. The energy keeps building with more layers of percussion, heavier brass stabs and additional strings. Ends with an ascending conquest. 168 bpm. Epic.
120 BPM03:28
epic drums, brass, woodwinds. a hopeful, uplifting journey, accompanied by orchestral string cascades, majestic and soaring - C major, 120 BPM, Full Mix
140 BPM03:20
a fantastic journey awaits. orchestral bliss with drums, swirling strings, brass, piano. rising slowly, becoming majestic, intense. overflowing emotions - 140 BPM, Full Mix
73 BPM02:38
This is simply the happy ever after tears. Gently emotive soundtrack to a conclusive romantic scene; schmaltzy strings build to a triumphant and joyful apex.
118 BPM02:44
This trailer track builds up slowly and becomes glorious and epic. This is your song when you are about to achieve greatness. Grand finale! 118 BPM. Full mix.
107 BPM03:16
emotive woodwinds, distant brass, noble string textures, cinematic drums, angelic choir. enchanting. rising. a magical journey is lying ahead - 107 BPM, Full Mix
140 BPM02:22
Feel the wind in your hair as you fly with this uplifting, majestic adventure/fantasy piece soaring with beautiful strings, lively brass and dynamic percussion. POI @ 1:37 the hero returns victorious with full orchestra and stunning brass. This IS adventure! Adventure - Fantasy - Epic - Trailer, Film. 140 BPM. Full Mix.
126 BPM01:54
Soaring and uplifting trumpets with underlying arpeggio strings open this dventure. Strings then take the lead as the journey continues with sparse brass adding in. Just past the 1:00 mark low brass creates a dark and dangerous mood. High brass and str. Version - Full Mix
79 BPM02:01
Wondrous and intriguing with lots of adventurous musical twists and turns. Sweeping woodwind and string lines build to a magnificent climax with thunderous percussion hits. Version - Full Mix
73 BPM01:51
Adventurous strings play over large bass drum hits and resolve into a triumphant sounding orchestral piece with a dramatic end. Version - Full Mix
68 BPM02:03
chanting monks and singing bowls. a spiritual intro leads into triumphant strings, victorious brass and exultant piano. broad adventures theme @ 1'09 opening a world of wonder, evermore fascinating and astonishing, 67.50 BPM
98 BPM02:52
soaring orchestral theme lifts with great splendour, strings agitating, bold brass, pulsing woodwinds, piano, cinematic percussion. evolving mystery of lost islands, 97.50 BPM
130 BPM03:07
Heartwarming tune with lush strings and synth pads that continue to build into a beautiful and soaring piece.
129 BPM02:30
Magical piano & strings on a journey
175 BPM02:57
Light and hopeful soaring strings with uplifting brass leading to a triumphant orchestra, dramatic percussion, choir harmonies and church bells.
120 BPM02:01
pleasant hollywood-style orchestra rising with bold brass and joyful strings, adventurous, becoming dramatic and grand at times, climbing, boasting large-screen cinematic family action, 120 BPM
120 BPM02:03
Discover the hero within! This uplifting and compelling adventure/fantasy epic soars high with magnificent strings, powerful brass, racing cinematic percussion and magical bells. POI @ 1:03 empowered brass takes the lead with a dynamic, jubilant performance. Positive and majestic. Adventure - Fantasy - Epic - Trailer, Film. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
101 BPM02:12
Heavy and awe-inspiring, featuring warm strings, percussion and choir that create a powerful, magnificent mood.
134 BPM02:09
Majestic brass line with soaring strings and orchestra leading the hero to victory on his fantasy adventure.
130 BPM01:57
Piano & boys choir builds with a string & brass arrangement that concludes with a large orchestral finale.
142 BPM02:19
This lovely, enchanted fantasy/adventure begins with delicate bells, beautiful strings and lovely woodwinds. POI @ :42 cascading acoustic guitar, airy flute and magical harp add even more uplifting energy. POI @ 1:49 majestic brass and dynamic percussion join in for an empowered, breathtaking finish. Adventure - Fantasy - Epic - Trailer, Film. 142 BPM. Full Mix.
125 BPM02:22
cinematic sized odyssey adventure theme. poetic strings portray the struggle to get home. melancholic woodwinds and adventurous brass explode into homecoming welcome. a magical, colorful, hollywood-style full-orchestra blast, E major, 125 BPM
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