Dark Hour


Hair-raising bed with disturbing sound effects, ghoulish piano, sinister sax, and menacing electronic drums. Tension building, Film, Mystery, Reality TV, Scary, Program.
Ominous synths spawn a troubled atmosphere as distorted sfx and trance-inducing strings complete the submerged dreary mood.
disturbed orchestral strings wail and entwine whilst unceasingly being peeled apart, torn and tormented. desperate longing, fear of being left alone. dark impacts like thunder, drumsticks, chugging quivers as if a magical machine is ticking inside your head, 123 BPM
hollow drone layer, children's devilish singing set a sinister scene of horror. dubstep Fx swells, flutters and giant impacts terrify the living daylights out of anyone listening. freakishly scary, 85 BPM
Slowly building suspense. Dark synth bass pulse and aggressive drum hits create suspended tension. 80 BPM. Full Mix
Thick and terrifying sounding with large, heavy programmed percussion thundering underneath building strings and brass and extraterrestrial sound effects.
Dark, ominous choir over an airy pad with low kick drums. Version - Full Mix
Weird sounding drones create an eerie glow over bone-chilling, building percussion with supernatural, otherworldly orchestral effects creating a dominating, extraterrestrial feel. Version - Full Mix
Horrific and combative sounding with razor sharp bass, horrific sounding metal feedback and drums straight from hell.
Rising terror and high tension from a fearful unseen presence.
Relentless pulsing tension slowly builds to a climax
Horror tense and mysterious atmosphere with percussive slow theme and stressful stac strings.
The hunt begins with deep murky textures, night atmospherics and a sweeping, haunted choir/pad with chilling overtones. POI at :28 we quicken the pace with pulsing electro/engine sounds, staccato strings, driving kicks and cinematic percussion slowly rising, while scary/tension fx lurk in the shadows encircling and engulfing you will sonic fear. Tonight we hunt! Horror - Suspense - Electronic, Techno. 106 BPM. Full Mix
This nuanced psychological thriller explores the dramatic and surreal as frightening sfx and obscure strings magnify the hallucinatory state of tension.
gentle, micro nuclear-driven sequencer arpeggios vibrating in perpetual motion, generating a warm electrostatic flow of synthetic pleasure, C minor, 100 BPM
Light, haunting synth breaths with harp plucks swell and retreat then lead into heavier eerie pads. Version - Full Mix
Prophetic words of approaching danger. Diving into a cabalist society; gloomy alto flute and celli led strings open prior to percussive led section at 0:48
Scary, eerie, dangerous, edgy, ominous, tension, mysterious, sphere, contemporary underscore with piano string fx.
Dark rhythmic deep bass with atmospheric pads grow with percussion, anxious piano, somber strings and arpeggiated melody.
Modern Horror. Suspenseful, haunting atmosphere with jumpy sound design hits that build continuously into a high tension ending with growls, static hits, and giant risers. @:10 sudden silence followed by a hit. @ :14 static effect with a hit. @ :20 static effect. @ :26 static whoosh into a hit. @ :30 high pitch noise with a swoosh into a static drone. @ :43 riser starts. @ :50 scary growl. @ 1:08 riser starts. @ 1:35 scary growl introduce the high tension section.
Modern Horror. High pitch ringing, long atmospheric rises, and epic booms setup the impending doom with racing heartbeats and heavy static electronic stings. @ :10 atmospheric riser into a hit. @ :54 start of the heartbeats, it speeds up around 1:08. @ 1:33 stutter static with a boom hit. @ 1:38 high pitch distorted synth add to the tension. @ 1:46 low end distorted synth added to the rhythm. @ 2:06 final massive distortion noise.
Haunting, echo-laced piano morphs into an eerie mist of synth pad textures, looped electronic drums and vapor-like vocals, that complete this mysterious, pensive track. Mysterious, Foreboding, Ominous.
Haunting, scary, eerie, mysterious, dangerous, ominous, foreboding, dark, edgy, tension, building sphere, contemporary orchestral underscore with creepy sound fx.
It's right behind you! Haunted innocence and shocking fear come together in this dystopian, hair-raising paranormal underscore piece filled with bombastic, mechanical/electronic drums, eerie bells, spooky piano, deep bass, dark guitar, ominous effects and sinister textures. Foreboding, unholy and dynamic. #Supernatural
Eerie sustains and monstrous swells slowly build to a massive finish, accented by thrilling string glisses, vocal punches, and brutal FX. POI @ 0:14 Bending string tremolos enter. POI @ 0:26 Gripping creepy vocal hit. POI @ 0:35 Alarm tone. POI @ 0:40 Slow rise as texture thickens. POI @ 0:51 Massive impact accented by high ping. Cuts to fading string sustain. POI @ 0:58 Monstrous low swells. POI @ 1:05 Texture begins to build with sustains, industrial pings, psycho-inspired string pulls. POI @ 1:27 Ticking begins as the texture builds to a searing peak. POI @ 1:41 Final monstrous swell.
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