Coffee House Mellow


148 BPM02:12
The Curtain Calls bring their beautifully timeless, heartfelt sound with this simple, honest love song that wraps around you like a cozy, warm blanket. Rootsy, romantic and nostalgic. #CurtainCalls #IndieFolk
164 BPM03:15
Rock-Indie Rock-Distant synth begins the piece mysteriously. Cool sultry female vocals join a heartfelt guitar melody. Deep heart pounding bass with uplifting melody. Intensifies with mystical electric guitar and angelic vocals finish off the tune. Rock - Indie Rock. Full Mix.
127 BPM02:41
This timeless, indie-rock/folk gem shines bright with the Curtain Calls's gorgeous signature duet vocals, playful piano, rootsy guitars, gritty keys and waltzing rhythm section creating a feel-good, intoxicating sound. Hopeful, unpretentious and honest. #Americana #Indie
90 BPM02:37
Warm heartfelt piece. Calming vocals with thoughtful drum rolls. Romantic melodies and smooth beats. Builds with feel good background vocals.
160 BPM02:29
Rock-Indie Rock-Folk. Distant church bell begins the piece. Folk like guitar builds with seductive vocals. Battle like drums and accents of synth bells. Builds with rockous electric guitar, mysterious synth, and a misty organ. Finishes with a lulling instrumental. Rock - Indie Rock. Full Mix.
105 BPM03:48
Glorious and emotional indie singer songwriter rock with female vocal.
157 BPM02:36
Encouraging piece. Groovy guitars and reassuring vocals. Pounding drums support a compassionate walking piano. Sensitive mandolin and light piano accents. Ends with a anthem instrumental.
120 BPM03:02
This piece is tastefully dangerous and safe, dark and light. Grungy mysterious guitars with sweet happy bells. Impatient snapping percussion with a protective guitar. Seductive female vocals. Calms with epic echo vocals and then builds with an anxious guitar and serious drums.
110 BPM03:12
An upbeat tune with a unique percussion combination percolating under catchy fingerstyle guitar, folksy concertina and harmonium, and a fun gang vocal bridge.
118 BPM03:28
Stripped back and sparse yet sweet and tender, a simple melody from singer songwriter Lisa Osborne. Strings and clarinet add warmth and a sense of wonderment.
100 BPM02:51
Indie Pop - Alternative. Inviting pop with a gentle nature that will put a smile on your face and get everyone singing and clapping along. 100 BPM. Full Mix.
85 BPM02:27
Indie Pop - Electronic. This minimalist synth and percussion driven indie pop track is laced with haunting female vocals that makes listeners want to get face to face. 85 BPM. Full Mix.
78 BPM02:49
Indie Rock - Pop.This slow indie ballad with its strings and vocals will make you feel like you're floating through a good dream, while the big hybrid keeps you grounded. 78 BPM. Full Mix.
60 BPM03:05
Wistful, uplifting, acoustic track with a big build at 2'15"
124 BPM02:09
A moody indie/orchestral ballad with somber strings and warm and rolling acoustic guitar.
135 BPM01:58
Spacey vocals, huge synths and a massive beat with island leads. Real, raw, radiant.
102 BPM02:04
Effected vocals, four-on-the-floor and organic guitars. An electronic ballad. Real, organic, futuristic.
110 BPM02:45
Clean tones and textural drums with a simple but satisfying vocal arrangement. Authentic, real, full.
64 BPM03:24
A beautiful, emotional and dynamic indie/pop/folk-ballad with cascading piano, picked acoustic guitar and warm bass. Moving, stiring and vulnerable.
85 BPM02:56
An intimate indie-pop ballad with haunting piano, delicate acoustic guitar, warm bass. Romantic, dreamy and innocent. Female Artist
140 BPM03:28
Jay's signature, heartfelt and deeply personal Americana songwriting shines beautifully in this stunning tune filled with rootsy guitars, warm organ, deep bass, piano and driving drums. Moody, introspective and honest.
120 BPM03:07
Beautifully melancholic and filled with nostalgic imagery, this moving Americana/Country/Folk ballad gently soars with Jay's heartfelt vocals, weepy pedal steel, rootsy guitars, warm bass and steady drums. Emotional, honest and timeless. #overgrown #JWH #valo
97 BPM03:03
Indie folk journey into the human condition. Dramatic passionate cry to end senseless violence. Finger picked acoustic guitar backing hearfelt lyric.
106 BPM02:58
Contemplative Celtic ballad featuring Male And Female vocals. Vulnerable and infectuously enchanting. Acoustic guitar soring violin and vocals leads to a powerful hook which enters at 2:05 with dramatic pounding toms. Words are powerful and can?t be taken back. This call to reconciliation calls for healing and forgiveness.
120 BPM02:22
Pop - Indie. If you're looking for something to do on a sunny day this song will fill your head with more than one idea. It might be the happiest tune you'll ever hear with dainty bells, groovy claps, and a cheerful tambourine. Full Mix.
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