The Violinist Executioner

Album: Nerdy Science & Kooky Love

The Violinist Executioner
Title The Violinist Executioner
Filename PP071_01_The Violinist Executioner_Full Mix
Description Violinists dramatized journey over warped dubstep landscapes, kick drum escapades, bass swells. Abstract tones of sporadic piano. String stabs. Haunting Drum 'N Bass style drums. Fragmented. Disturbed minds, 130 BPM
ComposerTim David Rickard
PublisherWarner Chappell Production Music GmbH
ISRC DEMS42000148
Usage Crime/Investigation, Science/Technology/Industry
Era 2020s/Future
Released November 15, 2020
Tempo Fast
BPM 130

Alternate versions

130 BPM02:10
Underscore, 130 BPM
130 BPM00:29
Short version, 130 BPM
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