Late Night Guest

Album: Brass Deluxe

Late Night Guest
Title Late Night Guest
Filename ER1229_04_Late Night Guest_Full Mix
Description Drum fill intro, high-end 80's New York big band fusion-jazz over a funky shuffling backbeat. Virtuoso brass scales. Saxalicious. Grooving to the max, G major, 152 BPM
ComposerChristoph Terbuyken Hanjo Gaebler
PublisherEdition Elbroar
ISRC DEMS42101571
Usage Advertising, Talk Show
Era 2020s/Future
Released March 15, 2021
Tempo Fast
BPM 152

Alternate versions

152 BPM02:20
Reduced version, no brass, G major, 152 BPM
152 BPM01:00
Short version, 60 seconds, G major, 152 BPM
152 BPM00:30
Short version, 30 seconds, G major, 152 BPM
152 BPM00:04
Short version, sting, G major, 152 BPM
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