Album: Lounge & Chill

Title Wanderlust
Filename ER1017_04_Wanderlust_Full Mix
Description afterhour chillout club beat with warm muted trumpet, blurry lights, too late to go home - 103 BPM, Full Mix
ComposerFelix Magnus Grossmann
PublisherEdition Elbroar
ISRC DEMS41703468
Usage Advertising, Travel/Vacation
Era 2010s
Released April 16, 2017
Tempo Medium
BPM 103

Alternate versions

103 BPM03:47
no lead instruments - 103 BPM, Alternative Mix
103 BPM01:00
short version - 103 BPM, 60 Seconds
103 BPM00:30
short version - 103 BPM, 30 Seconds
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