Funny Doo Doo Instrumental

Album: Vocalized Fun Tracks 2

Funny Doo Doo Instrumental
Title Funny Doo Doo Instrumental
Filename CPM4595_12_Funny Doo Doo Instrumental_Instrumental Version
Description Instrumental version of "Funny Doo Doo", humorous, fun, bouncy, easygoing, swinging track. A happy, sunny, jazzy acoustic pop tune. Funny & cheeky, ear-catching, easy-going, fresh and optimistic with a sweet retro feel. Strumming ukulele, syncopated wah-wah guitar, light percussion, rhythmic tambourine, groovy electric bass, electronic fx. Easy listening, quirky, positive.
ComposerMungo Parc
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-19-00030
Usage Advertising, Children/Kids, Comedy, Travel/Vacation, DIY, Circus
Released February 7, 2019
Tempo Medium
BPM 175
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