Spooky Piano Bridge

Album: Spooky Scary Ghostly

Spooky Piano Bridge
Title Spooky Piano Bridge
Filename CPM4568_25_Spooky Piano Bridge_Full Mix
Description Transition, mysterious, tension, spooky, scary, eerie, stalking, evolving & tensed bridge with moving, foreboding, deep acoustic piano notes, ghostly, floating, sinister, ominous, mystic, obscure, high tension sound, creepy, suspense, ending, cryptic, halloween, ghost, haunting, nebulous, mist, frightening, secrets, suspense, hybrid cinematic transition with modern sound design elements, Film/TV, Movie, fiction, drama, horror, haunted, castle, mansion, house, cavern, forest, spectre, specter, phantom, foggy, dark, full moon, sleepless, sleepwalker, nightmare, nights, midnight, spine-chilling, creeps, magic spell, witch, gothic, tale, threatening, frightened, fear, evil, mystery, graveyard, crypt, catacomb, bones, skeletons, skulls, vampires, zombies, monster, creature, beast, frankenstein, dracula, uneasy, anxious, stealthy, lurk, suspenseful, danger, dangerous, sneaky, shadow, murder, killer, freak, psycho, crime, story, anticipation, unknown, sci-fi
ComposerJohn Goldham
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-17-00069
Usage Fantasy/Magical, Drama, Horror, Film Trailer, Documentary, Comedy
Released May 10, 2017
Tempo Medium Slow
BPM 106
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