Let It All Out Instrumental

Album: Happy Pop & Fun Explosion - Instrumental

Let It All Out Instrumental
Title Let It All Out Instrumental
Filename CPM4567_07_Let It All Out Instrumental_Full Mix
Description Colourful, happy, electro pop, remix instrumental with exciting retro elements, bouncy beats and funny fx combined with a catchy guitar riff and sassy saxophone lick, puts a smile on your face, optimistic, positive, easy-going, euphoric, motivational, happy, feel-good, young, funny, fun, happy-clappy, comedy, youth, casual, party, dancefloor, leisure, sports, urban, Film, TV, movie, dramedy, documentary, reality-tv, daytime, ads, youthful, free, indie, young, trendy, modern, urban, lifestyle, street life, fresh, crunchy, carefree, cheerful, feelgood, easygoing, holiday, vacation, vacancy, family, friends, smart, friendly, teen, teenage, sweet, girl, love, lovely, smile, smiling, pleasure, sexy, hot, summer, sunny, bright days, good time, fashion, stylish, shopping, chic, crazy, celebration, beach, dance, dancing, disco, club, clubby, theme, trailer, advertising, commercials, pop culture, entertainment, funky, dj, electronic pop
ComposerSalme Dahlstrom
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-17-00040
Usage Advertising, Fashion/Makeover, Reality TV, Sexy, Travel/Vacation, Film Trailer
Released January 29, 2017
Tempo Medium
BPM 105
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