All-purpose Stinger 12

Album: Game Show & Quiz 3 - Stingers Bumpers Hits

All-purpose Stinger 12
Title All-purpose Stinger 12
Filename CPM4557_72_All-purpose Stinger 12_Full
Description Groovy, positive, rising, uplifting, optimistic, impact, exciting modern stinger, trendy drum groove with swoosh, whoosh into flute trill, piano run, powerful orchestral accent hit, stinger, stings, bumper, jingle, teaser, bridge, ending, accent, opener, riser, loopable, rhythmic, energetic, contemporary, musical element, tool, film, TV, radio, game show, quiz, question, answer, reveal, family show, kids, win, winner, winning, champion, victory, euphoric, victorious, fortunate, comedy, cartoon, animation, sitcom, entertainment, award, boulevard, reality-tv, corporate, promo, ads, commercial, trailer, internet, new media, competition, computer game, video game, game of skills, games, wheel of fortune, excitement
ComposerJohn Goldham
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-16-00322
Usage Award Show, Game Show, Production Elements
Released May 7, 2016
Tempo Medium
BPM 120
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