Time Ticking Tension 6

Album: Game Show & Quiz 1 - Time Ticking Tension Beds

Time Ticking Tension 6
Title Time Ticking Tension 6
Filename CPM4555_06_Time Ticking Tension 6_Full
Description Grooving, pulsating, exciting, driving, foreboding, building up, tensed, rhythm, time ticking, suspense, tension, mysterious, evolving, contemporary synth atmosphere with moving drum pulse, sequenced & rising sounds, swells & hits, loopable, rhythmic, bed, time passing, ambience, ambient, minimal, texture, contemporary, underscore, soundtrack, cinematic, film, TV, game show, think music, quiz, movie, drama, documentary, report, journal, broadcast journalism, magazine, reportage, serious, news, story, boulevard, reality-tv, corporate, trailer, new media, investigation, challenge, explore, discover, discovery, adventure, expedition, medical, monitor, technology, economy, financial matters, progress, industry, science, business, affairs, politics, law, court, stock market, internet, cyber, crime, mystery, twilight, thriller, investigate, suspect, observe, observation, suspicious, sci-fi, computer game, video game, game of skills, urban, global, international, cosmopolitan, people, human s
ComposerJohn Goldham
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-16-00210
Usage Game Show, News, Production Elements, Video Games
Released May 5, 2016
Tempo Medium
BPM 120
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