Trail Of Death & Crime

Album: Mysterious Music Box

Trail Of Death & Crime
Title Trail Of Death & Crime
Filename CPM4549_12_Trail Of Death & Crime_Full
Description Eerie, thrilling, obscure, pulsing, suspense, mysterious, hypnotic, time-flow, high-tension, dangerous, atmosphere, an ominous music box sequence with a threatening ambience, scary deep choir & dark synth drone sphere, mystical percussion & cymbal sounds, minimal, texture, contemporary, underscore, cinematic, soundtrack, film, TV, documentary, report, journal, broadcast journalism, magazine, reportage, serious, news, story, boulevard, reality-tv, promo, trailer, movie, drama, new media, explore, discover, discovery, expedition, internet, hacker, cyber, crime, investigation, murder, victim, suspect, suspicious, spy, science, people, human, true stories, destiny, biography, secret, mystery, twilight, psycho, psychodelic, thriller, nightmare, horror, abominable, creature, werewolf, ghost, ghostly, fantasy, sci-fi, tragedy, disaster, catastrophe, tension, death, pulsating, foreboding, threat, creepy, foggy, danger, gloomy, otherworldly, depressing, strange, bizarre, cryptic, theme, bed
ComposerManuel Ploetzky
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-15-00160
Usage Documentary, Horror
Released January 13, 2015
Tempo Medium Slow
BPM 120
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