Cosmopolitan Urban Life

Album: Report & Journalism - Human Stories

Cosmopolitan Urban Life
Title Cosmopolitan Urban Life
Filename CPM4545_02_Cosmopolitan Urban Life_Full
Description Moving, pulsating, abstract, light tension, time-flow, modern, urban, atmosphere, a driving acoustic bass sequence with a filtered sound-designed drum pulse, easy female scat vocal elements, synth and futuristic electronic fx, minimal, texture, contemporary, underscore, soundtrack, film, TV, documentary, report, journal, broadcast journalism, magazine, reportage, serious, news, story, boulevard, reality-tv, promo, trailer, movie, drama, ads, new media, global, international, cosmopolitan, mega, city, futuristic, street life, people, human, humanity, social, life, true story, biography, culture, arts, investigation, explore, discover, discovery, expedition, technology, economy, financial matters, internet, cyber, progress, industry, science, business, affairs, theme, bed
ComposerJohn Goldham
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-15-00065
Usage Documentary, News, Political/Election, Science/Technology/Industry
Released January 9, 2015
Tempo Medium
BPM 108
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