Sufi Chant

Album: Cinematic World Spirit 1

Sufi Chant
Title Sufi Chant
Filename CPM4537_12_Sufi Chant_Full
Description Atmospheric with frame drum pulse, mystical, mysterious, divine, spiritual, exotic, Sufi ceremony with male sufi singer and rhythmic choir, Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, travel, history, archaic, ancient cultures, ritual, cult, religion, religious, aura, spirit, meditation, trance, transition, psychodelic, transformation, exotic, mystic, mystery, miracle, enlightement, illumination, noor, dervish, meditation, Sufism, world, India, Persia, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir, Near & Middle East, Turkey & North Africa, Orient & Arabia & Maghreb, Islamic culture, Orient, Islam, trailer, underscore, bed, atmosphere, ambient, themes, hypnotic, magical, contemporary acoustic, soundtrack
ComposerHabnit Duduk
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-09-00962
Usage Documentary, Nature/Wildlife/The Elements, Religion
Released January 6, 2014
Tempo No Tempo
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