Driving & Jazzy Trumpet Collage

Album: Cinematic Art Jazz

Driving & Jazzy Trumpet Collage
Title Driving & Jazzy Trumpet Collage
Filename CPM4536_09_Driving & Jazzy Trumpet Collage_Full
Description Driving, thrilling, moving, energetic, lively, uplifting, action, chase, sophisticated, tension, urban impressions, collage, building up, big band ensemble, at 0:22 bouncing modern trumpet solo plays over an uplifting walking bass line and moving driving jazz drums, at 1:04 a colorful and evolving horn section comes in, at 1:18 positive tutti part, at 1:49 free abstract improvisation part, from 2:25 driving groove and building up tutti theme to end, cinematic art, jazz, film noir, Film/TV, movie, documentary, lifestyle, boulevard, magazine, report, drama, theme, underscore, police, detective, crime, coup stories, investigation, city life, night life, street life, stylish, modern, fancy, chic, art, design, architecture, classy, retro, 60s, 70s, prestige, jazz, acoustic contemporary urban
ComposerDerek Shelton
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-14-00028
Usage Arts, Documentary
Released January 3, 2014
Tempo Fast
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