Hot & Funky Vibes

Album: Funky & Rockin Vibes

Hot & Funky Vibes
Title Hot & Funky Vibes
Filename CPM4528_10_Hot & Funky Vibes_Full
Description Energetic, urban, positive, uplifting and driving modern funk groove with horn section theme, at 0:21 catchy vibraphone solo, at 1:38 hot organ solo, Film/TV, movie, documentary, lifestyle, leisure, reality TV, boulevard, magazine, report, trailer, underscore, action, chase, detective, coup stories, theme, upbeat, moving, fast, lively, fun, modern life, chic, street life, business, fashion, technology, new media, funk, jazz, soul, prestige, contemporary urban
ComposerJohn Goldham Pete Mason
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-12-00043
Usage Advertising, Documentary, Fashion/Makeover, Reality TV
Released January 3, 2012
Tempo Medium
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