Mysterious Walk Noir

Album: Sophisticated Noir Vol.1

Mysterious Walk Noir
Title Mysterious Walk Noir
Filename CPM4526_07_Mysterious Walk Noir_Full
Description Dark, mysterious, moving, lonely, atmospheric, tension, sophisticated, an expressive bluesy clarinet plays over a pulsating ostinato riff with upright bass, jazz drums and a coloring piano, evolving, floating, stylish, cinematic, jazzy, film noir, Film/TV, movie, documentary, lifestyle, boulevard, magazine, report, drama, theme, underscore, detective, crime, coup stories, cool, mystery, suspense, city life, night life, street life, stylish, fancy, art, design, architecture, new media, classy, retro, prestige, acoustic contemporary urban
ComposerJohn Goldham
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-12-00007
Usage Arts, Documentary, Drama, Fashion/Makeover
Released January 1, 2012
Tempo Medium
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