Lively & Driving Orient

Album: Orient 1 - Moving & Lively

Lively & Driving Orient
Title Lively & Driving Orient
Filename CPM3107_21_Lively & Driving Orient_Full
Description Moving & lively, driving, modern oriental, with oriental strings and e-saz, Film/TV, movie, documentary, news stories, urban, modern lifestyle, drama, travel, holiday, expedition, adventure, nature, landscape, people, animals, wildlife, world, ethnic, near & middle east, turkey & north africa, orient & arabia & maghreb, islamic culture, trailer, underscore, atmosphere, ambient, desert, oasis, caravan, bed, themes, contemporary acoustic, instrument
ComposerSalim Abadi
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-09-00942
Usage Adventure, Documentary, Nature/Wildlife/The Elements, Travel/Vacation
Released February 7, 2009
Tempo Fast
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