Molecular Flute

Album: Flute-Solo Emotions Vol.2

Molecular Flute
Title Molecular Flute
Filename CPM2459_24_Molecular Flute_Full
Description Mysterious, magical, pulsating soundscape, fluttering flute solo with filtered FX, a cappella, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, news stories, nature, pastoral, landscapes, modern and ancient arts, architecture, sculptures, design, minimal, fairytale, people, animals, structures, science, cosmos, beds, underscore, atmosphere, ambient, emotion, magical, abstract, melodic, sophisticated, instrument, themes, contemporary acoustic
ComposerMungo Parc
PublisherCosmind Musikverlag
ISRC DE-S95-09-00571
Usage Arts, Documentary, Drama, Nature/Wildlife/The Elements
Released January 26, 2009
Tempo No Tempo
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