Front Yard

Album: Positive drive 20

Front Yard
Title Front Yard
Filename AMP079_12_Front Yard_Full
Description Moderate drive with marimba, piano and flageolettes
ComposerRamond Willems
PublisherAudio Muziek Produkties
Usage Advertising, Business/Corporate, Science/Technology/Industry
Released February 1, 2017
Tempo Medium
BPM 120

Alternate versions

120 BPM01:22
Soft pad with marimba lead (alternate)
120 BPM01:16
Arpeggios and marimba (alternate)
120 BPM01:10
Wild arpeggios and flageolettes, drums and marimba (alternate)
120 BPM01:16
Wild arpeggios, flageolettes and marimba (alternate)
120 BPM00:40
Moderate arpeggios with piano and flageolettes (30 seconds)
120 BPM00:39
Marimba , flageolettes and piano (30 seconds)
120 BPM00:38
Wild arpeggios and piano on moderate drive (30 seconds)
120 BPM00:28
Moderate drive with piano and flageolettes (20 seconds)
120 BPM00:13
Moderate drive with piano lead (short cut)
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