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In-Sink News Music Series

615 Music

From a current news music package to something custom that we dream up together, anything is possible. Contact Mark Agent at 615-687-6863 or

There’s no mistaking In-Sink’s eight note signature with its intriguing blend of electronic and orchestral sounds. This important-sounding series, now on its third update, offers plenty of variety both in terms of theme choices as well as musical genres. Live brass and strings make “In-Sink” a powerful and authoritative brand for your market.


In-Sink V.1 (15 themes, up to 121 cuts)

In-Sink has a memorable eight note signature with an intriguing blend of electronic and traditional orchestral sounds.

In-Sink V.4 (19 themes, over 250 cuts)

A large and complete updated version with a distinguished orchestral sound, accented with contemporary tones

In-Sink V.3 (5 themes, up to 96 cuts)

Slightly more aggressive in tone than its predecessors, with an authoritative feel.

In-Sink V.2 (13 themes, up to 178 cuts)

In-Sink V.2 features updated themes arranged with brass, strings and orchestral percussion.


Video featuring In-Sink V.4 News Music Package.