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“Stirrin’ Up Crazy – Pop Country Vocal Hits” by Non-Stop Producer Series


Our Non-Stop Producer Series catalog is goin’ country! “Stirrin’ Up Crazy – Pop Country Vocal Hits” (NSPS165) is the latest release from Warner/Chappell Production Music’s Non-Stop Producer Series catalog. Let us break down when the perfect time is to use this disc for your next production:

• Riding in a pickup truck
• Drinking whiskey
• Tailgating
• Hanging at the river
• When you’re blaming it all on your roots

Recorded in various studios throughout the country, including Nashville and mixed in Salt Lake City, and produced by Warner/Chappell Production Music’s own Judd Maher and Bryan Hofheins, this new country disc provides an authentic look into one of America’s most popular musical genres. Composed by Gabriel Candiani, David Feldstein and Paul Taylor, who have worked with such talents as Don Henley (Eagles), Alice Cooper, Steve Perry (Journey), Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac), Poison and many others. Paul Taylor said, “I had a blast working on these songs for Warner/Chappell Production Music. I have been doing mostly pop music lately and being able to switch over do a modern country disc was a welcomed break.”

Judd Maher added, “Not every project is as enjoyable to produce as Stirrin’ Up Crazy was, and for Bryan and me. It’s always a dead giveaway how much fun you had if you’re constantly playing it in your car after it’s finished and released. Stirrin’ Up Crazy was one of those projects for us. In fact, along with “Radio Indie” and a few others, it was one of our favorite releases of the entire year. It deepened my appreciation for this genre.”

Bryan Hofheins says, “Stirrin’ up Crazy aptly describes the process and approach. Judd and I challenged everyone from composers, to lyricists, to musicians, to vocalists, to engineers – to dig deep and create a major ‘head turner’. Our team is very proud of the result. All credit goes to the creativity, drive, and passion of everyone on this project. Stirrin’ Up Crazy tattoos available on request.”

Put on your cowboy hat and strap on your boots, because it’s time to take your next project honky-tonkin’ with our “Stirrin’ Up Crazy – Pop Country Vocal Hits” disc. Listen to the montage below. Like what you hear? You can listen to the full disc here. If you really like the disc and want to license a track, call us at 1.888.615.8729.

Posted on August 25, 2014 in Homepage Banner, Production Music News.

“Stirrin’ Up Crazy – Pop Country Vocal Hits” by Non-Stop Producer Series