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94 BPM01:46
This late-night funk tune features bold baritone saxophone, bright brass, cruising drums, and grooving percussion with hip bass, smooth guitars, and keys to round out the classy vibes. Version - Full
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94 BPM04:05
Jazzy and grooving, this late-night funk track features bright brass, popping baritone saxophone, and hip organ patterns that blend with strutting electric guitar, funky bass, and confident drums. Version - Full
99 BPM03:27
Feelings of confidence ensue as jazzy brass, smooth organ, and daring electric guitar parade over hustling bass, funky drums, and bold percussion in this late-night funk track. Version - Full
120 BPM01:39
Soul - Retro - Dance. Oh Snap! This funky, soulful rocker hits you like a hammer with slick, funky guitar licks, frantic chunky organ and electrifying drums. Hyper percussion and tight brass stabs add even more flavor and energy - bringing the dance floor to a fevered pitch. POI @ :49 sick drum solo with syncopated guitar/brass stabs. POI 1:03 killer saxophone vamps to end. You just got a heaping bowl full of SOULFUL STEW! 120 BPM Full Mix
96 BPM01:45
This bold, late-night funk track combines confident brass and retro synths with suave electric guitar, luxurious keys, cruising bass, and grooving drums. Version - Full
173 BPM02:48
Soulful e-piano chord moving in 8th notes, dreamy guitar echoes, soaring brass licks, softly screaming vocal fx. Chilled. Sexy 70's vibe. At the club, D minor, 173 BPM
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