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108 BPM03:33
spacey synths and echoing keyboard chords with finger snaps and steady kick drum. an emotional female voice leads this light pop track straight to the dance floor. can you see me? what do you see?, C-sharp minor, 108 BPM
120 BPM02:46
Reverse guitar effects lead into optimistic, positive sounding synthesizers washing over punchy drums and percussion with tons of pop appeal.
104 BPM02:43
Introspective and mellow with sexy female vocals delivering an introspective feel over laid back, relaxed rhythms and synthesizer programming.
100 BPM03:07
Cheerful sentiments radiate in this bright pop tune, with female vocals, grooving beats and catchy riffs exuding admiration and love. Version - Full
97 BPM03:07
Inspiring and refreshing indie-electronic pop anthem with reverberating plucks, pumping synths and pulsing bass push forward under soaring, heartfelt female vocals. Version - Full
83 BPM03:21
neo-soul piano chords bounce with gritty buzzing synths. woman seduces her audience with her daring mystical voice. synthetic claps and electro drums glue together this uprising indie-pop hymn, 83 BPM
144 BPM03:51
Fall under the alluring spell of this dark, sexy and thrilling Tandem Wave masterpiece. Pop, EDM, R&B, Trap and Indie come together as moody cinematic-pop with emotive female vocals, dramatic synths, huge bass and monster drums rising and falling in a dynamic push and pull that will leave you breathless.
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