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115 BPM02:43
Join the dance! A cheerful poppy electro swing track led by female vocals. Quirky & bouncy bass line and dubstep undertones combine with jazzy vinyl samples and a funky saxophone break to a joyous and happy ear-catcher.
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124 BPM02:33
Uplifting & groovy electro swing pop with a driving dance beat and motivating female vocals. Cheerful and energetic party-feeling with a playful 20s swing combo on vinyl mixed with modern pumping beats and DJ effects.
125 BPM02:28
Fancy and playful electro swing pop. Happy female vocals with a party vibe, some vinyl 20s brass section on a modern danceable beat and lots of eccentric effects create fun and celebratory mood.
125 BPM02:22
Energetic and joyful electro swing track with a happy ragtime piano and cheeky female vocals on an infectious modern dance groove. Motivating shouts, percussion and playful effects complete this groovy fun & feel good track.
124 BPM02:12
Cool and fun vintage swing music mixed with modern dance beats create a funky electro swing track. Cheeky female vocals, funny scat phrases, horn section, piano and vibrant effects keep the dance floor moving.
120 BPM02:26
Energetic & groovy urban beat with cheering female vocals and cool horn section. Funky piano and bass-led electro swing with elements of dubstep sprinkled in for a heavy dose of danceability and party feel.
122 BPM02:14
Hot, funky and fun electro swing pop with a super catchy chorus featuring seductive female vocals and funky piano to keep your feet moving. A captivating Neo-swing revival that matches the roaring 20s with a modern punchy drive.
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