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90 BPM01:52
Rugged electric guitars and bass lines join invigorating drums to ramp up the excitement in this motivational rock track. Version - Full
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110 BPM02:12
Hard-nosed distorted guitars and bass patterns combine with invigorating drums to produce a rugged sound in this rousing rock track. Version - Full
116 BPM01:51
Determination forms in this grinding rock track through invigorating guitar, strong vocals, and rugged drum beats. Version - Full
129 BPM01:58
It's all 'bout them blues in this rough 'n' rebellious rock track struttin' with gritty, bluesy guitars, thick organ, big drums and beefy bass! POI at :30 foot-stompin' chorus with soaring lead guitar and huge drums soon joined by distorted group vocals that lay the stank-face on THICK! Go get it! Rock - Blues, Southern Rock, Garage, Classic Rock. 129 BPM. Full Mix.
106 BPM01:54
Bold, gritty sounds intensify in this powerful rock track as unstoppable distorted guitars intertwine with energizing drums. Version - Full
89 BPM02:44
Marching bass and drums push aggressively while jamming guitars and cool leads add brash confidence to this hard rock instrumental loaded with classic rock inspirations. Version - Full
122 BPM01:53
This rebellious rock track emanates a sense of pride as rousing drums and bass accompany grinding, driving guitar riffs. Version - Full
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