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138 BPM02:37
This fun, cha-cha hip-hop track features energetic percussion, hip drums, and celebratory horns that evoke a confident summer vacation vibe. Version - Full
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118 BPM03:06
This jazzy Latin cue starts with a sultry vibe provided by synths and rousing horn lines to evolve into a pulsing and energetic party with an evocative guitar solo. Version - Full
110 BPM03:44
a kooky bastard of balkan brass and moombahton. electro/acoustic percussion introduces serbian-style turbo-folk with energetic brass, dance kick drum and finger clicking. playful, mischievous, charged with stirring ethnic energy, 110 BPM
116 BPM02:41
This bold mambo track features strong percussion and energetic horns to elicit a rousing and celebratory mood. Version - Full
95 BPM02:16
Puerto Rico in the house! This tropical reggaeton mixes traditional reggaeton with the tropical touches of trombone, trumpet, piano, synthesizers, conga, guira, bass, claps, with elements of bembow, cumbia and salsa.
90 BPM02:14
A rousing brass melody, piano montuno, Cuban percussion, pulsing 808s, and lo-fi electric guitar create fun, party vibes. Version - Full
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