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127 BPM02:39
Garage inspired synth and string pizz melodies backed by electronic beats evoke groovy positivity and fun.
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120 BPM02:06
Free jazz piano chords, discreet bass, tinkling mallets, warped sax and brass. Persistent electro jive with jazz-rock attitude and 4 to the floor kick drum, claps. Calculated confusion of a genius mind, 120 BPM
130 BPM02:12
Shimmering electronic melodies backed by slick garage beats conjure excitement, playfulness and positivity.
70 BPM01:54
Electronic theme with a retro robotic sound, for computers, video games and technology.
120 BPM03:22
Bright and bouncy, featuring a carefree saxophone riff, bending bass and warm organ that create an enthusiastic mood.
118 BPM02:10
This track creates a feel-good moment from the get go with its funky groove from electric guitar and bass. Casual finger snaps and mellow piano chords as well as bright keyboard take over while maintaining the vibe until the drum beat @01:24 takes it up a notch. 118 Bpm. Full Mix.
126 BPM03:27
Chilled, playful pop with Fender Rhodes, electronic percussion, synths and sampled vocals creating a cool mood, great for vloggers and for daytime and lifestyle progamming, from LA's Jacob Paul Turner, co-writer on Chris Brown's Billboard #1 album Indigo, and Lejon Lewis.
126 BPM02:16
Edgy and driving kids theme with a strong beat and raspy synth melody, punchy, fun, teenager, bright, positive, confident, loud, children, overdriven.
115 BPM02:21
Funk & Soul - Acoustic & Folk. Reggae, Reggaeton, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Global, Travel, Tropical, Sunny, Jamaica, Kingston, Dreadlock, Holiday, Rastafari, Riddim, Mellow, Caribbean, Positive, Medium, Chillin, Chilling. 115 BPM. Full Mix.
94 BPM02:06
Wacky kids theme featuring a funky beat, quirky sounds and catchy percussive effects.
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