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125 BPM01:54
Exotic tropical rhythm and fun melody, a very hooky theme for drama, kids and travel, wacky, positive, upbeat, mysterious, lively, sunshine, children, joyful, enjoy, exciting, lifestyle, uplifting, confident, fresh, girl, sweet, perky, enjoyment, family, cute, summer, friends, youth, hopeful, warm, reassuring, light-hearted.
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151 BPM01:51
It's playtime! Discover this big world with cheerful marimba/xylophone, playful toddler "la la" vocals, whimsical synths and lively drums/percussion in this innocent, feel-good kids track. Naptime is over! Kids - Children - Commercial, Promo. 151 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:53
This playful and unique tune features Whistlin Willies charming whistle melody, lively marimba and warm bass all grooving over a cool drum machine groove. Light, fun and whimsical Children's Music - World, Pop. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:12
Friendly tropical holiday theme, quirky, bright and upbeat for children with a happy island feel.
120 BPM03:18
Warm and hypnotic, featuring funky electric bass, ethnic percussion and marimba that create a sly, bouncy mood.
130 BPM02:05
An upbeat Africa inspired track with steel drums, programmed drums, bass, synth and vocals. A vocal drum fill leads into an upbeat groove with percussion and programmed loops, brass stabs, steel drum and a vocals. Vocal yells and sound effects add a ton of fun! Version - Full Mix
103 BPM02:14
World of wonder. Innovation. Sparkling brain liquids. Futuristic arrays of rebounding marimba interlacing with ascending electronic sequencer lines. Glitching percussion grid on the top frequencies. Neuronal, life-affirming activity, C minor, 103 BPM
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