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115 BPM02:19
Elements of classic rock and pop anthems create a positive uplift

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130 BPM02:37
Rock - Pop - Rock. A hooky, arpeggiated piano sets up the framework for this feel-good pop anthem. Moody, electric guitar lines weave in and out adding depth. Chimey guitars, bells and a pulsing staccato string section give the chorus majestic energy. POI: 1:43- 1:58 Euphoric build. 130 bpm. Full Mix.
135 BPM02:32
Rock - Pop - Rock. Piano and Rhodes kick off this driving, emotional, pop-rock tune. Soaring guitar lines, pounding bass and drums keep the energy moving. POI @1:25 floaty Theremin, pulsating guitars and drums slowly build to an emotional climax. 135 bpm. Full Mix.
150 BPM02:21
Rock - Pop - Rock. Playful and organic. This jam starts out with harp and rootsy acoustic guitars. The groove plays on with bass, piano and claps. Positive-rock. The choruses culminate with soaring lead guitar lines and strings. POI @ 1:36 Staccato string buildup to climax. 150 bpm. Full Mix.
94 BPM01:38
Pop - Rock. Crisp, acoustic guitar harmonics and dreamy, melodic, electric piano are joined by playful bells, warm bass and waltzy, driving drums to create a fun, magical, feel-good atmosphere. POI :30 main theme is stripped down while a lone, emotive guitar plays in the background. Proud staccato strings, mellow male backing vocals and a sparkling synth pad jump back in for the joyful, beautiful ending. 94 BPM Full Mix
83 BPM02:29
Rock - Pop - Rock. Acoustic guitars kick off this southern-fried, funky groove. A pulsating, melodic chorus with strings and Rhodes locks you into the good vibrations. A twangy, bluesy guitar lead rides this one out. Summertime chilled out jam. 83 bpm. Full Mix.
148 BPM02:27
Rock - Pop - Rock. A playful, yet moody cello line is the backbone of this inspirational rock anthem. Soaring guitars, vocals and strings add power to the choruses. Big roomy drums, tambourine and shaker keep the groove driving. 148 bpm. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:29
This piece is like fishing in a pond. It's calm and peaceful until you get a bite then it's all about the excitement. The drums and guitar are easy breezy. Calmly doing their thing. You'll hear a nice light banjo. Everything comes alive at :42 and 1:42. Drums bang hard with heavy cymbals and guitars get a little rambunctious. Listen for an awesome high octave tickling of the piano at the end. Rock - Alternative Country, Country. Full Mix.
112 BPM02:18
112 BPM02:18
Sparkling electric guitars with optimistic melodies and a shimmering quality lead to a driving, encouraging pop tune supported by bright strings.
106 BPM03:11
Rock - Alternative. This piece is a reflection of a sad heart that is cheered up by its friends. A lonely electric guitar begins this tune builds a little at :45. Next a lonely piano plays its part at 1:00. Cello boldly takes the beat with some cymbals at 2:07. It all explodes with happiness when everyone joins at 2:25 with beautiful strings, drums, and electric guitar. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:58
Mellow, Uplifting And Positive. Version - Full Mix
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